3rd activist released, bailed till 3rd February

Toby has just been released, no charges as yet. He has been bailed to the 3rd February, when he has to go back to the police station and could be charged, but there is no evidence for the police’s claims and today’s arrest seems purely an attempt to intimidate and gather information on activists. We are asking everyone who can to come to Market Street Police Station at 8.45am on 3rd February to show their solidarity for Toby. We will not be intimidated! Together we are stronger! Thanks to everyone to came to the station and phoned.

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One Response to 3rd activist released, bailed till 3rd February

  1. Edinburgh has been facing similar tactics of intimidation by the police. On numerous occasions members of the group have been stopped in the street and asked for their details (Under Scots law anyone can be stopped and asked for their details by a police officer if they are suspected of being involved, or a witness of, a crime). On one occasion the police cited ‘assault’, we believe this to be in relation to police officers being hit by snow balls. On another occasion they cited ‘criminal damage’, almost an hour after a brief protest that left no damage whatsoever. On the first occasion three people were stopped, all gave their details. On the second, six were stopped (with a significant amount of force used). Three refused to give their details, were arrested and charged (DNA and photos taken). They are currently on bail.

    The police are using the limits of their powers to collect details and intimidate peaceful protesters.

    On both the occasions cited (the only that I have the full details for), plain clothed police officers were used.

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