Statement of Support from Counterfire Tyne and Wear

A number of our members participated in the 200 strong anti-cuts demonstration in Newcastle on Saturday 18th December, which was part of UKunCut’s national day of action

The protest , which involved marching and holding sit-down protests outside and inside various tax-dodging and/or ConDem cuts supporting highstreets stores; including among others, Vodafone, Top Shop and Dorothy Perkins, was passionate and completely non-violent.

The only problems and tensions on the day were caused entirely by an increasingly heavy-handed police presence who were intent on disrupting the protest.

We are convinced that the arrests of Mark Pearson, Patrick Reay and now Toby Hobbs was a blatant attempt by the police to prematurely end the successful, 3 hour long protest.

We also believe that the arrests made were an attempt to discredit and discourage the rapidly growing anti-cuts movement by dissuading local students, workers and others from organizing and paricipating in future anti-cuts protests, marches and other actions.

For these reasons, we, the Tyne and Wear based members of Counterfire, completely support this campaign to achieve justice for the HSBC 3.

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One Response to Statement of Support from Counterfire Tyne and Wear

  1. With Christmas greetings and all good wishes for the New Year to you all!

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