Press Release: Supporters of the ‘HSBC 3’ plan a picket of Newcastle Central police station

Press Release: Supporters of the ‘HSBC 3’ are planning a picket of Newcastle Central police station on Thursday 30th December at 12 noon to demand that unfair charges are dropped.

A defence campaign set up by activists in response to the arrests of three men at an anti-cuts demonstration on 18th December, Mark Pearson and Patrick Reay, and of Toby Hobbs, who was arrested four days later, are demanding that charges against the men be dropped.

The defence campaign will be picketing Newcastle Central police station this Thursday 30th December and handing in a demand for the charges against Mark and Patrick to be dropped and their bail conditions to be lifted. Ironically, Mark and Patrick will not be able to join other protesters at the picket since their bail conditions prevent them from entering Newcastle city centre other than for work.

Annie Rutter, from the defence campaign said,

‘A picture is starting to emerge which suggests the arrests in Newcastle are part of a wider picture across Britain of a policing strategy aimed at harassing, intimidating and gathering information on anti-cuts activists, in addition to the arrests and more extreme police violence in London. We want their strategy to fail, we have a right to protest and will not be intimidated by the police’.

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