Coalition of Resistance members in Tyne and Wear declare support for the HSBC 3

We, the supporters of the Coalition of Resistance (COR) in Tyne and Wear support the HSBC 3 Defence Campaign for the following two reasons.

Firstly, we believe the arrests of Patrick, Mark and Toby following the demonstration on18th December were completely unnecessary, prejudicial and motivated by anger amongst some of the police. We want to see all the charges brought against them dropped.

A number of local COR supporters were on this demonstration which, through marches, rallies and sit-down protests, had successfully and non-violently demonstrated that hundreds of local people actively oppose the unacceptable tax-dodging practices of Vodafone and the multi-millionaire head of the Arcadia Group (TopShop, Dorothy Perkins etc) Philip Green who owe our exchequer at least £6.3billion between them.

These are just two examples of a number of big companies and super-rich individuals who cost the British tax-paper an estimated £70 billion every year in lost taxes- money, which in the public purse could have been used to make Higher Education free for all students, stopped disabled and unemployed benefit claimants from losing a portion of their already scant benefits and which could have certainly saved a large chunk of the 1.1 million jobs which the Treasury has estimated will axed in 2011.

Secondly, we believe that the £81 billion cuts to public expenditure will wreck the lives of millions by making them homeless, unemployed and will severely reduce the quality of our NHS, education and other public services- they must be stopped.

Mass protests will play a key role in pressuring the current coalition government into a U-turn over them, so we support the HSBC 3 defence campaign in order to encourage people to continue to support these vital demonstrations in ever greater numbers and to discourage the police from needlessly arresting and harassing demonstrators.

Zack Dowson
William Bell
Richard Bliss
Derek Robertson
Chris Easton
Jane Park
Yaron Golan
Tony Dowling
Rachel Nettleship
Gerry Byrne
Ben Ponton
Arlo Lapworth
Peter Mortimer
Alison Currie
Bill Dodds
Alex Snowdon
Jo Walker
Diane Jones
Angela Kennedy
Lyn Dodds
Carol Meredith
Mark Tyers
Rachel Featherstone
Michael Moore
Sean Seddon
John Taylor
Shirley Ford
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