URGENT: Strathclyde Police Rounding-up Anti-Cuts Activists

Following the conviction yesterday in Glasgow of an anti-cuts activist on trumped-up political charges, a further three young people have been arrested today in relation to protests last December – Aiden Turner, Connor O’Hara and one other.

The last arrest was made when police approached a picket of Baird Street police station this afternoon and reeled off a list of names of other people they wanted to arrest.

These latest arrests follow months of police harassment of political activists on the streets of Glasgow, which are documented on the Glasgow Defence Campaign blog at: glasgowdefencecampaign.blogspot.com

It is clear that the police are attempting to intimidate resistance to the savage cuts in public spending by making political arrests.

What can you do?

The Glasgow Defence Campaign is asking for practical solidarity from people living outside the city. Please phone the police stations and demand to speak to the custody sergeant and ask after their welfare, what they are being charged with and demand immediate release. This is particularly important as some of the activists are under 16yrs of age.

Numbers to phone

UPDATE: Aiden Turner has now been released.

Connor O’Hara is being held in Aikenhead Rd station (0141 532 4914 or 0141 532 4900). The line has been busy so keep trying! Some people have got through by calling Baird street and asking to be transferred.

You could also try complaining to Councillor Steven Curren (Labour), who is the convener of the Strathclyde Police Authority. His phone number is 0141 287 4382. The website for Strathclyde Police Authority can be found here.

Please spread the word to your phone contacts and on facebook. Together we are stronger!

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