Victory to the Glasgow Defence Campaign!

Following a successful and active defence campaign, charges against all five anti-cuts activists arrested in Glasgow in relation to protests in December, have been dropped before reaching court. The speed at which these charges have been dropped in the face of public anger decisively demonstrates the political nature of these charges, unsupported as they were by real evidence. The actions of Strathclyde police had been reported in depth in local newspapers, and a protest of more than 60 people was organised in the centre of Glasgow to oppose political policing. Wider support for the campaign demonstrated to the police that they could not persecute activists to the extent that the Northumbria police have with Mark and Patrick in Newcastle.

We need to learn from the success of the Glasgow Defence Campaign, with big demonstrations against political policing on the streets of Newcastle. The Glasgow Defence Campaign has sent us a message of solidarity stressing the importance of action on the streets:

‘On behalf of the Glasgow Defence Campaign I send you this message of solidarity in support of those comrades recently found ‘guilty’ for protesting against the cuts and attacks on living standards. If standing up for justice and in speaking up for the defenceless means we are guilty – then we are guilty one and all. These latest experiences in both Glasgow and Newcastle have served to reinforce the view that the only justice the anti cuts movement will achieve will not come through the courts but on the streets. Its time to redouble our efforts to build opposition to the cuts! No cuts – full stop.

Paul McKenna,

For the Glasgow Defence Campaign’

It is vital that we are active in defending our democratic rights. Come and help us plan for a demonstration at the next Anti-Cuts Network meeting: Wednesday 4th May, 5:30pm at the Tyneside Irish Centre, Newcastle.

End Political Policing! Defend the Right to Protest!

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