HSBC 3 Benefit Gig – Wed 8th June 7:30pm

Following the launch of the HSBC 3 financial appeal to raise £1000, a benefit gig has been organised for Wednesday 8th June. Local bands Rathaus, and 60ft Squid will be performing in the upstairs room at the Bridge Hotel, Newcastle, along with Negative Impulse. The minimum entry donation will be £1, but of course all donations will be a great help to the campaign. The gig will begin at 7:30.

We have now heard from the solicitor that the appeal will be heard at the Crown Court over two days – 27th and 28th September. Taking the case to appeal carries the risk of further charges over the initial £760 fines. However, to allow any real opposition to the savage public service cuts to be successful, it is vital to challenge the verdict; to oppose the criminalisation of legitimate protest, and to support anti-cuts direct action everywhere. Money raised will put us in a position to fight the appeal, and if successful, the money will be used as a defence fund for future arrests of anti-cuts activists.

Bridge Hotel, opposite the Castle in central Newcastle-upon-Tyne

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