Protest against Political Policing cut short due to bad Weather – New Demo Planned

Saturday’s demonstration against political policing had to be called off after about 40 minutes due to torrential rain. It was a great shame as the turnout was good and lots of people were eager to speak out against what police have been doing at demonstrations, and what they represent. A crowd had gathered watching the speeches, and many members of the public were really supportive. A predictably large amount of police were present, as well as two English Defence League (EDL) members who attempted to challenge the demonstration with some repeated shouting of ‘get a job’ and ‘ get a wash’. Yet more confirmation of the anti-working class politics which lead the EDL to support the cuts, and the wars in the middle-east.

Another demonstration has been planned, hopefully on a less rainy saturday:

Protest Against Political Policing -Saturday 9th July, 12pm, Grey’s Monument, Newcastle.

Get involved in organising the protest, or any other events fighting the cuts at this weeks Anti-Cuts Network meeting:

Anti Cuts Network Meeting – Wednesday 15th July, 17:30, Tyneside Irish Centre, Chinatown.

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