The Appeal Approaches – The Time for Solidarity

It has been great to see the support and practical solidarity offered by some groups and individuals towards the HSBC 3 Defence Campaign. Recently, a second fund-raising gig has been put on by young musicians with the assistance of some members of the Anti Cuts Network. We take this opportunity to thank the bands and organisers of both fund raising events, as well as all those who have come out in solidarity with the campaign on the streets. Those who have given their support on paper, but failed to support us on the streets must remember the importance of standing together against state repression, and the effect that their support could have had on defending the anti-cuts movement in Newcastle.

However, the most necessary time for all supporters to show solidarity is approaching, with the appeal against Mark and Patrick’s unjust convictions happening on Tuesday the 27th and Wednesday the 28th of September. This is the vital event for the campaign, as this is our main opportunity to show the public opposition to the acceleration of attacks on democratic rights. Big, well publicised demonstrations outside the Crown Court on both days of the trial will show the state that we will not stand by whilst the right to peaceful protest is robbed from us. Stand with us from 9am and defend the anti-cuts movement!

9am Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th September – Crown Court, Quayside, Newcastle.

An earlier court demo for the HSBC 3

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