Court Protests to Defend The HSBC 3 – Show Your Solidarity against State Attacks

The HSBC 3 Defence Campaign is approaching a crucial demonstration against state repression. Two of the HSBC 3 were convicted at the trial at the end of March, on the evidence of 5 police witnesses. Mark and Patrick were found guilty on political and vague charges – a direct state attack on those coming out to challenge the cuts. The verdict has been put to an appeal before the Crown Court which is due to be held on Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th September. We cannot let this appeal go ahead without putting political pressure on the courts to demonstrate that we will defend those attacked for protesting in the interests of the working classes.

It is essential that all those who oppose the cuts mobilise for demonstrations outside the court to show the press and the people what is going on, and that we will not stand by whilst our democratic rights are attacked. The HSBC 3 Defence Campaign has called demonstrations outside Newcastle Crown Court, on the Quayside at 9am on the 27th and 28th September. It would be great if all supporters of the HSBC 3 Defence Campaign, could publicise these demonstrations as widely as possible, forward this on e-mail lists, websites, at meetings, and by word of mouth. It must be stressed that this is not about defending two individuals – this is about defending the movement, and the entire working class, against the state’s increasing confidence to make indiscriminate attacks to intimidate and criminalise any dissent.

There can be no anti-cuts movement without constant political defence of those targeted and arrested by the state.


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