Big Shout Out for Free Speech! Friday 3 May

This Friday, 3 May 2013, please come along to mark a victory for the Right to Challenge the Cuts Campaign.  

Thanks to your help and support, the campaign now has cause to celebrate – charges against Don have been dropped!  

Don, a Newcastle-based youth worker, was arrested on February 16th after he attended Newcastle’s largest anti-cuts demonstration. At the end of the event, he approached the Labour leader, Nick Forbes, holding a placard, and told him that he thought he had sold out the city. Six hours later, at 10 o’clock at night, police descended on Don’s home and arrested him.  

Don was offered a fixed penalty notice for threatening behaviour but refused to accept the charge, as he simply told Nick Forbes what he and many other people think about the £100 million worth of cuts.  

The case has raised the profile of the issues of the right to free speech and the right to challenge the cuts, with the campaign slogan being ‘If it could happen to Don, it could happen to anyone’.  

Phil, a Newcastle based advice worker, said: “Fixed penalty notices are increasingly being used by the police to circumnavigate the courts but people do not have to accept them and should always seek advice’.  

Don said: “I am glad that I chose to return the Fixed Penalty Notice and refuse to pay the fine. Many people have supported the campaign and that helped me to take a stand. The support has given me faith in humanity and has made me more determined to carry on fighting the cuts.”  

The Right to Challenge the Cuts Campaign will continue to support others facing similar injustices.  

Join the Campaign this Friday 3 May at 9.30am, outside Market Street Police Station, where Don will be collecting the placard and banners that were part of the case.  

If you need information or advice, see the ‘links’ section on this page, or get in touch.
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