Anti-EDL march advertising leaflet

Anti-EDL march advertising leaflet

A scanned copy of the leaflets advertising Newcastle Unite’s march against the EDL. FRFI supporters and independent anti-fascists were handing out, on May 25th, these leaflets when arrested. For more information on the arrests read the N14 defence campaign statement:

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2 Responses to Anti-EDL march advertising leaflet

  1. Reproduction of the text from the above leaflet:-

    “Fight State Racism to Stop the EDL

    To stop the EDL we need to tackle the conditions that make it possible for such a racist organisation to exist in Britain today. The EDL was set up following a violent attack on Muslim anti-war protestors at a parade in Luton for British soldiers returning from Iraq in March 2009. In May 2010 an EDL spokeswoman described its role in the Guardian: ‘The soldiers are fighting Islamic extremism in Afghanistan and Iraq and the EDL are fighting it here.’

    The EDL has always has been inextricably linked to British imperialism and state racism. The last Labour government and sections of the media whipped up racism against Muslims to justify the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and to isolate and repress Asian youth who opposed these wars and who stood in solidarity with Palestine. Since 2010, the ConDem coalition has continued the war drive, launching attacks against Libya, Somalia and Syria, and has used the case of Abu Qatada, whose deportation has been halted because he faces a trial based on evidence obtained through torture, to promote hostility to Muslims and immigrants and attack the Human Rights Act. The EDL are the violent street manifestation of the racism of the British state. To stop the EDL we need to fight state racism.

    Racism is increasing as the government attacks services and welfare, with the complicity of Labour-run councils like Newcastle, which has just voted for £100 million of cuts. Racism is deeply entrenched in British society, with discrimination adding to exploitation in the workplace, repression from the police, and divisions within communities. As people start to fight back against the bedroom tax, myths are being spread that Muslims get ‘let off’ if they designate a bedroom as a prayer room. The reality is that Muslims are more likely to live in overcrowded conditions than any other group. Spreading lies about Muslims benefits the ruling class with their mansions and second homes, helping them to oppress working class Muslims and discouraging other sections of the working class from uniting to demand decent housing for all. The ruling class is terrified of working class and oppressed people uniting against them; it depends on racism to divide and rule, and the EDL are the willing accessories to their racism.”

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