Have you had a phone call from Northumbria Police?

We have received information that Northumbria Police have been telephoning various individuals asking for information about the Newcastle 14 Defence Campaign (N14DC) and the march on 20 July. This is a simple act of intimidation: the N14DC have notified the police of the details of the march as required under Section 11 of the Public Order Act, and the police know how to contact the campaign if they wish to.

If you are contacted by Northumbria Police about the Newcastle 14 Defence Campaign,  you can tell the police they can contact the campaign directly at defence.campaign@gmail.com. If they persist in wanting to speak to you, you can tell them that you would prefer not to answer any questions without a solicitor present. The campaign recommends contacting Singleton Winn Saunders solicitors (phone 0191 265 8817 or email enquiries@sws-solicitors.co.uk), who are representing the defendants. Let the campaign know that the police have contacted you so that we know how widespread this is and we can organise to support you.

We encourage all supporters of the Newcastle 14 to stand strong against these attempts at intimidation – Together we are stronger!

Information on your right to protest and links to relevant legislation and other sources of advice is available at: http://www.revolutionarycommunist.org/index.php/campaigns/know-your-rights.

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