Defend anti-racism! Defend the Newcastle 14! Haymarket Demonstration, Saturday 15th June, 12-2pm


Join us on the streets to raise awareness of the Newcastle 14 Defence Campaign.


This Saturday, 15th June, the Newcastle 14 Defence Campaign is calling on its supporters to join a demonstration at the initial scene of the arrests – Newcastle’s Haymarket Metro station on Northumberland Street. From 12-2pm we will be leafletting and petitioning about the situation and seeking witnesses to the arrests who regularly pass Haymarket. The demonstration will also be speaking out against all forms of racism and the need to build a strong anti-racist movement, free from censorship and exclusion.


There will be an open-mic for all to speak against racism and political policing.


Defend anti-fascism! Defend democracy! Defend the Newcastle 14!

Past events:

Newcastle 14 Defence Campaign:

Organising Meeting:

Tuesday, 4th June, 6pm. Bar Loco, 22 Leazes Park Rd, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 4PG. (2nd Floor).


defence campaign flyer bandw

Public Meeting – Attacks on Democratic Rights: A History of Political Policing

Tuesday 12th July, 7pm, uptairs at Barkollo, 22 Leazes Park Road NE1 4PG, near St James Park

Paul Mallon, member of the Glasgow Defence Campaign ( and expert on British colonial policing in Ireland, will be speaking on the historic and current role of the British police force in attacking protests on the streets that challenge government foreign policies and policies at home. And how we can defend ourselves. With plenty of time for discussion.

Protest outside the appeal of Mark and Patrick

Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th September, 9am, Crown Court, Quayside, Newcastle NE1 3LA

Mark and Patrick’s appeal is set for the end of September, come down to the court to show your solidarity and support. Bring megaphones, placards, banners…they will not intimidate us or force us off the streets. They are crimialising protest, we have to be clear – savagely cutting education and healthcare is criminal, supporting the occupation of Palestine is criminal. Dissent is not criminal, standing up, speaking out and taking action against attacks on the working class is not criminal. Free the HSBC 3!


One Response to Events

  1. ian puddick says:

    Cuts Cuts Cuts – see where our money goes

    City of London Police Counter Terrorism Directorate and KROLL spend over £1m to gag whistleblower Ian Puddick who exposed a board member of the worlds largest reinsurance company, Guy Carpenter Limited who had fiddled his expenses.

    ‘DC Mayo of City Police Major Crimes Directorate, said, even if the allegation is 100% true, it could damage his reputation personally and professionally’

    The company carried out an internal investigation into the board members expenses and he ‘resigned for personal reasons’ after 30 years employment.

    Trial 15 June Westminster Magistrates Court – creating a harassing blog and criminal use of Twitter and Facebook

    Freedom of Speech – The first test court trial to censor TWITTER and Facebook

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